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Design of stacked houses

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Landscape Architects Andy Malengier BV



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Housing project The Hazelaar Izegem

The project area is located on Hazelaarstraat, a street characterised by an old farmstead with meadows and an orchard. The character of this Flemish landscape forms the basis of the design. The park garden integrates the atmosphere of the immediate surroundings in the best possible way. The park has a landscape feel and fits in with the atmosphere of its wider surroundings. To this end, the hawthorn hedge, meadow and orchard of the plot opposite are repeated. Water infiltration is provided in wadis planted with pollard willows and reeds. The pollard willows are also repeated as tree rows near Hazelaar Street. The wadis are located at the lowest point of the site. With such landscaping, the curved connecting road between the two stacked houses will run through a typical pollard willow landscape with reeds, providing residents with a pleasant living experience.

The landscape park uses intensively and extensively managed grassland. The extensive section provides additional biodiversity and experience throughout the park. In these extensive zones, fruit trees, field maple trees and hazels will be planted. The latter can obviously not be missing given the naming of this beautiful project. The landscape park provides residents with the necessary privacy and, at the same time, the comfort of a communal landscape park.

Besides responding to these ecological and functional needs, the design presents a landscaping that integrates respectfully into its surroundings.