Architect extension house

Baudouin Courtens

Interior designer

Nick Fastre - Obumex

Private garden in Embourg

The assignment for this beautiful private project in the Belgian Ardennes was to restore the old garden and design a new garden around a new annex to the house. Making the new garden area flow seamlessly and harmoniously into the old garden area was the challenge. The same plants and materials were used for this purpose. The brick from the house was used to create the retaining walls of the new garden. The Belgian bluestone from the terraces in the old section was used in a contemporary way in the new garden section. In addition, an optimal visual relationship between the interior of the new part of the house and the connecting contemporary garden was an important goal. The residents live inside and outside at the same time, so to speak. This project proves that old and new can be perfectly harmonized so that we have the impression that everything has always looked like this.

Photos realization

Yard photos