Date of realization


Architect of the house

Geert Berkein

Artist sculpture

Frans Vercoutere

Private garden in Oostduinkerke

The garden was designed after the “spirit of the place,” namely the dune area in which this new contemporary villa was built. All surrounding gardens in this residential subdivision were landscaped with a classic lawn. This garden shows that things can be done differently and better in this context. Dune hills were created and planted with the typical marram grass or dune grass. Residents experience daily that they live by the sea! The edges consisting of native forest plants have yet to mature. As a result, the garden will be even better framed within a few years. It was also a goal for me from the beginning to be able to enter the house without stairs. This required the construction of large concrete retaining walls. Residents can now enter their homes very comfortably. The feeling of living not in a garden but by the sea makes residents very happy and satisfied.

Photos realization