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AMA ‘Cubi’

AMA is a new form of ash delivery and was born out of a general need for a dignified and beautiful way of doing so. The artwork will elevate the ritual of ash delivery & subsequent commemoration in cemeteries!

The artwork designed by Andy MAlengier, was developed and put into production in collaboration with the company Urba Style. The result is a high quality concrete product with a very fine and durable finish!

The name AMA is short for ArsMoriAndi, inspired by the Latin pronunciation Ars Moriendi, Ars Vivendi. Translated as “The Art of Dying” and “The Art of Living” and here in this context means “The Art of Burial.

AMA is a patented product and can be purchased by any city, town or private cemetery operator.

AMA is the umbrella name of 2 “lines. The CUBI line and the RENIUM line.

Both lines consist of 5 different elements living in harmony with each other. A columbarium monument, an urn monument, a memorial monument, a ceremony pedestal and a seating element.

The different elements of AMA

Columbarium monument – The columbarium monument allows the urn to be buried above ground. The design includes functionality with aesthetics as an equal partner. An aesthetic with a touch of monumentality that provides essential support for the bereaved.

Urn monument – The urn monument allows the urn to be buried underground. These urn monuments combine perfectly with the columbarium monuments and complement the line.

Memorial – This memorial is specifically designed to be placed at a scattering site. Memorial plaques can be affixed to the sides of the memorial.

Ceremony pedestal – This element is specifically designed to be placed at a scattering lawn or farewell site. It is a low pedestal on which the urn can be placed during the ceremony.

Seat element – This element is designed to the same dimensions of the other elements, so as to obtain a harmonious whole



With AMA, the concept transcends ordinary design practice!

André Coene, architect and planner

AMA is wonderful. The images speak for themselves.
Sleek, sober, taking into account the family’s free interpretation.
A big congratulations.

Frank Vander Stichele